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Childcare Contact Centre

Little Rainbow Contact Centre Services

Little Rainbow contact Centre offers both supervised and supported contact and handover.

Supervised contact:
is used when it has been determined that a child has suffered or is at risk of suffering harm during contact. Referrals will usually be made by a court, CAFCASS officer, local authority or another child contact centre, but in ..
• Individual supervision of contact with the supervisor in constant sight and sound of the child
• Impartiality
• All contact to be closely observed and recorded in a manner appropriate to the purpose of protecting children and working in a planned way with parents.

Supported contact:
can be used to identify the issues that have prevented contact from starting, caused it to break down, or made it unworkable. They will be carried out over a short period of time and include: One or more interviews with both parents...
• Impartiality
• Staff are available for assistance but there is no close observation, monitoring or evaluation of individual contacts/conversations

Parents do not have to meet, as the handover will be done by Little Rainbow contact centre staff.
• The non-resident parent will then take the child out of the centre for the duration of the visit, bringing them back to the centre afterwards.